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P2V Truculent Turtle's Record
Oct. 29, 1946

VP8 History

June 1950 / 1st P2V-3s

P2V-3 at Kirtland AFB

Listing of VP8 C.O.'s

About the P2V Neptune

About the P3 Orion
Back at Quonset

VP8 History

1961 Departing for Pax River

VP8 Record / 4-25-1950

VP8 NASA Mission Dec 4th,1959



P2V Neptune AH1-7-2018
P2V Neptune AH2-7-2018 P2V Neptune AH3-7-2018 P2V Neptune AH4-7-2018
P2V Neptune AH5-7-2018 P2V Neptune AH6-7-2018 P2V Neptune AH7-7-2018

VP8 Squadron Seal / back
VP8 Squadron Seal / front

Seal side 2

1963 Accident of LC2

VP8 in Iraq

LC-5 1958 BurNo 131410 / photo from Bob Hogg.
This P2V-5F aircraft is now at NAS JA

View of P2V LC-5 #131410

Project Julie Action Letter 1958 from Cdr. Thomas

P2V-5F Operating Limitations

Flight Log Book Nov.1958 / Lt. R. Hogg

Flight Log Book June 1960 / Lt. R. Hogg

Battle Readiness Excellence Placque
1961 Battle Resdiness Excellence

1961 VP8 Accident Free Operations
1961 Recognition for Accident Free Operations
1951 Multimeter TS-297
1951 Multimeter TS-297/U

VP 8 FE's

P2V-1 Truculent Turtle 1946

Re: '62 Cuban Missile Crisis

Re: Downed P3 in April 1, 1958

Re: HD-7 Profile c1956

Re: LC-5 over Nucleur Submarine

Re: HD-1 4 & 6 in formation c1950s

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