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VP8 Alumni Picnic at Juniper Springs in Ocala, FL 3-20-10



















Alumni Picnic Nov. 15, 2008 / Juniper Springs, FL
LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Shiller, Frank Magee, Jerry Gardner, Rita Shiller, Carolyn Magee, Beth Perry, Ken Perry, Ed Helzel, Carl Sturm.

 Alumni Picnic March 15, 2008 / Juniper Springs, FL
LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph and Theresa Papa, Vicki Ramella, Ken Perry, Ray and Sue Ceynowa, Beth Perry, Ed and Sally Metzger, Theresa Daughter of Kathy Keith (in front of her), Audrey Pendleton, Paula Soyke, Stewart Pendleton and Tom Soyke.  

VP8 Picnic Nov. 13, 2004
/ Juniper Springs, FL
LEFT TO RIGHT: Herm Schaepe, Tom Soyke, Beth and Ken Perry, Paula Soyke, Jerry and Mary Gardner, Ray and Sue Ceynowa, Ed and Linda Helzel, Pete Kucyk, Kathy and Tom Keith (wheelchair), Joan Kucyk, Al Shiller, Rita Shiller (The Short One), Curry Jamison, Audrey and Stewart Pendleton and Chuck Robbins, and John Jamison (Our Photographer).

VP8 Picnic Nov. 17, 2001
STANDING: Pete and Joan Kucyk, John Prokosch, Carolyn Magee, Beth Perry (The Adorable One), Frank Magee, Tom Keith, Alice Robbins, Curry Jamison, Kathleen Keith, Marge Jackson, Sue Ceynowa, Al Shiller, Ray Ceynowa, Bill and& Kay Thomas, Paula Soyke and Mary Prokosch.

KNEELING: Ken Perry, Chuck Robbins, Bob Jackson (Our Mascot), Tom Soyke and John Jamison.

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VP8 Officers - Feb. 2003


2003 Alumni Dinner, Pensacola Feb. 2003
Beth Perry with VP8 C.O. Cdr. and Mrs. Dishman



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