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Sep-Oct. 2014 - #172

Sep-Oct 2014 / Alumni Newsletter
Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

Did you happen to notice the mistake last time? We didn't until the newsletter was printed--it should have read: July, August, September. My bad!! It's a wonder I don't make more of them.
Shortly after you receive this newsletter, we will be on our way to the reunion. The turnout is low this year, but a few people who have never attended plan to be there. We expect to have a great time; you will hear about it in the first newsletter of next year---2015. If you did not attend, we would like to know what we can do to get you to be at the next reunion---if there is one. With such low attendance, we might have to do away with them altogether, but who wants that. Reunions are a good way to get to meet new friends and reacquaint yourself with old ones. These are the people who have signed up: Scotti, S. Adams, Magee, Leady, Jarmusek, Ziegler, Soyke, Papa, Knepper and 4 family members, Hall, Anzevino, Sciortino, J.J. Hendershot and daughter Lori, Anstine, Grue, Barski, Shiller, Moore, Helzel, Ludwig. Banquet only: Devine, Vergona, Reese?, Godby. (The Vergonas and C. Godby will be at the hotel.)
*Now a change from reunion news. Have you ever noticed how every electronic item or electrical appliance we buy these days has a bell or a whistle or some kind of noise to let you know that a door is open, the food is done, the wash is finished, the clothes are dry, or that you tried something on the computer that was all wrong? It's nothing new with cars which have had back up beepers, alarms that tell you the key is still in the ignition, or that irritating voice on your GPS that keeps saying, Recalculating! (We don't have one of those; I am the GPS) Sometimes these things can get pretty annoying. The other day I was doing a bunch of things in the kitchen, and had left the refrigerator door open, a bad habit that we always got onto the kids about (and which our son reminds me of when I do it). I also had something warming in the microwave. I didn't pay attention at first, but the second time the refrigeration "dinged," I told it to be quiet. On the third beep, I think I lost my cool and told it to, "shut up!" In the meantime the microwave sounded to tell me that the food was ready. I shut the refrigerator door, only to have to open it again in a minute, and got the food out of the microwave, but by then I had forgotten what I was doing in the first place. Oh, that was probably the day the sheets were in the washer or dryer and it started singing, and the telephone rang because someone was calling to "lower your credit card rate." And people wonder why I sometimes talk to myself. *


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