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September/October 2009 - #134

September/October 2009 Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights!
LAST CALL!!! This is the last call for registration for the reunion. At last I heard, only 30 people had indicated that they would attend; not that many have actually registered, however. For the prices to be as low as they are ($149) per person, we need 50 people as that is what the prices are based on. Deadline is October 1 for registration and Sept. 28 for hotel reservations. So, let's get on the ball, guys--you must register; you can't just walk in. I am sending this newsletter out a little early, so that you will still have plenty of time to get your registration in. If you don't make it, you will miss a lot of fun and fellowship with your old shipmates. And I do expect you fellas in California, Nevada, Arizona and other western states to show up, because I want to meet you. Only poor health or the bad economy should keep you away. Also, don't forget to bring something for the auction. Santo say that you will probably need a light jacket for morning and evening, especially for the dinner cruise and Sedona. This means, don't bring just shorts. Registration in on page 6 again. Here's a look at the banquet menu: Theme Party.........The Arizona Wrangler: Garden Salad with choice of dressing (ranch or Italian), Relish tray, Cole Slaw, Potato salad, Corn on the cob, Ranch house beans, Baked or Au Gratin Potatoes, New York Strip Steak or barbecue Chicken, Green Chile Corn bread, Peach or apple cobbler, Coffee, Iced Tea Don't know anything about the welcome aboard as yet. Santo was going to get that to me, but since the newsletter is going out early, I can't include it.

Registered so far: Dave Razon, J.J. Stowe, Dick & Mary Adams, Frank & Carolyn Magee, Marcel & Celine Guite', Dick Scotti, Tony & Pat Anzevino, Bill & Carol Caefer, Bill & Sheila Stewart, Hope Trevino, Don & Gerlinde Rickel, Ned & Marie Knepper and a guest, Beth & Ken Perry, and of course Santo and Barbara will be there as well as, we hope, Ron Thaut and Ron Kennedy. So we have a long way to go to make 50!!! Of course, since this is early, I'm sure someone will send in money as soon as it is printed.
HEADS UP: Your November/December newsletter will be late in coming. The reunion is over on Monday, Nov. 2, so we probably won't be home until the weekend. That means that we will have to finish the front page with a reunion recap, and put pictures on the back page, copy and collate, etc. We will try to have the middle pages done, so that we will have just 4 pages to copy, but putting them together, etc., takes time. If all goes well, it won't be more than 10 DAYS late.

ROSTER: I will have new inserts for your rosters--updates--and will have a few full rosters for sale. And speaking of rosters, if you have a new address, email, phone, please get that information to me as soon as you get the newsletter so that I can correct the roster before it is published. Hmmm....if I don't have your correct address, you won't get the newsletter will you. By the way, anybody know to whence Bob Pollino and Wayne Kraemer have disappeared?????

o Reunion 2008 DVD..... (To order, send check for $22 to Ralph Papa at 8393 Grand Messina Circle, Boynton Beach, FL 33472; Gauranteed satisfaction or your money back)




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