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SEP/OCT 2008 - #128

SEP/OCT 2008 - #128


Bits and Pieces

Sitting working on newsletters and saw the VP8 Alumni "can covers/holders" that Dick Scotti had made up for the May reunion. I forgot to thank him in the last newsletter. We certainly did appreciate it, Dick. * Sure was hard getting back into the swing of things after that great reunion.

We had a wonderful time visiting with the Stewarts on the way up, Michaud on the way back, and family in between. Came home with the car totally packed. Had a large cedar chest that was my step-mother's in the back along with everything else we had picked up. Took forever to unload the car and get things put away. Needed a vacation. * Then it was blueberry pickin' time. Didn't think there would be so many, but I picked in the morning and evening until I was tired of looking at berries and felt like I was turning into one. Made blueberry/apple juice for the freezer, one pie, couple batches of muffins. Gave lots away and restocked the freezer. We had planted some green beans before we left, so that was the next item on my list. Now we are getting an overabundance of squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers and some "butter" beans. Keeps us busy. Some decent tomatoes, finally! You wait and wait for the good fresh veggies to come in and then wish they'd go away.

* Lots of excitement around here one night. Kept hearing noises on the breezeway/porch just outside our bedroom window. Frank looked out and there was a raccoon on the table looking like he'd climb the wall. Must have come in the "doggie door" or maybe all the way from Juniper Springs. (Told you all not to feed them!) Frank scared him by banging on the window. When he went out on the porch, no raccoon, so he must have exited same way he came in. Then Frank decided to go look for him in the yard--lo and behold, Chuck Marks, right under the pear tree 2 armadillos were having a feast munching happily on fallen pears. Don't have to guess what happened next, do you. Frank came back in, got the 22, and went armadillo hunting. No sport, though; they just kept on eating pears until they were shot. I was watching, and as much as I despise those critters for rooting up my yard, I felt so sorry for the one he hit and didn't kill right off. Never could I be a hunter. Anyway, he knew he had one, but wasn't sure of the other; in the morning, there it was, looking as if it were just sleeping right at the edge of the woods. Heard today that a friend killed another one in the church yard by sneaking up on him with a 2 x 4. They are very stupid animals and you can walk right up on them; but they run pretty fast given the chance.

* By the way, when you get this newsletter, there will be only about 14 months before the next reunion. Good thing it won't come sooner as we are "reunioned out." Had a big family reunion with 105 people attending and we did all the work! Lookin' forward to the Phoenix area and the desert Southwest.

Drop Outs

All of these people dropped their membership at the beginning of 2008. If you know any of them, please give them a call and see why.

Bleynat, Childres, Cox, Curtis, Graves, Grue, Hawkins, Hindel, Jacobsen, Koon, Kremin, Liebenow (we know he has moved), Nelson, Pontillo, Wisnack. Reminders were sent out, but we had no feedback.


Asked Beth about the November Florida picnic. She wasn't sure she should schedule it, but decided that we should go ahead and have it, even if the price of gas is high. So if you can make it, be there at the Juniper Springs Recreation Center on Hwy. 40 west of Ocala on Saturday, November 15. This might be advance enough notice so that you can get a motel if you need to. It's always a fun time, and if we can swing it, this championship horseshoe pitcher will make it also. I have made reservations in Lake City and we'll most likely be there.

BLUE ANGELS: Last air show at Brunswick will be the weekend of Sept 6/7.

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