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Jul/Aug 2010 - #138

Jul/Aug 2010 / Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

"Summer is here, make no mistake about it. It's hot and humid (in the 90s!), and the thunderstorms nearly scare me to death. The flowers are blooming along with the weeds, the vegetable garden is growing, and I am going to have to can and freeze vegetables.   (He picks most of them.)   I do complain sometimes about all the produce in my kitchen, and we have both threatened to open a stand at the end of the drive.   I mean, you can only eat so many squash and cucumbers.   Of course, I am the one who said that we needed a bigger garden this year--we ran out of field peas (Yes, the rest of you Yankees, I do eat all that good Southern food, and if you don't, you don't know what you're missin'.) and tomatoes.   Just let your mouth water over all the goodies that we are raising--tomatoes (both romas and regular), radishes, cucumbers, corn, peas, green beans,   melons, 3 kinds of peppers, 3 kinds of squash, eggplant, okra,   and potatoes--don't forget blueberries.   My counters and dining room table are overflowing,   the new refrigerator is crammed and some things are in the downstairs refrigerators. We have already eaten squash 3 ways; eggplant parmesan; stuffed peppers; okra-- boiled, fried, and steamed with tomatoes; peas; beans, potatoes (our son dug most of them for us); corn--creamed and on the cob.   No melons so far. Are you drooling yet?  What we can't use, we give away to family and friends.   In a few years we may not be able to do all of this gardening and preserving, but for now he loves to "farm", and we both like to eat, and what is better than things you have grown yourself.   So, come see us.   This transplanted Yankee can cook Southern and Northern and I guarantee that you won't go away hungry!   6/12--I must say the tomatoes have not been good, and I could kick Beth because she has already put up 16 pints.   Oh, can someone tell me how the raccoons from our picnic area in FL made it to our garden to get into our corn??   Not bad yet, but they have been somewhat busy.   Between all this we are getting ready for the 10th anniversary of our big family reunion on July 17th.   What a project.   Glad I don't have to do as much work for the VP8 reunion as I do this one.

NOTE:   Your editor apologizes for the size of the print, pictures on page 5.   It was the best I could do with the space I had.

       *     *     *     *     *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *              Here is some info from Ralph: Traveled up to NAS Jax today with Theresa and met with VP8's folks (P.O. Dotty and CMC Frank King) who kindly toured me through VP8s new home at the request of Admin Officer, LCDR Rick Escalante. Finally got you some good photos of [the]   P3 Model as well as my painting that are proudly displayed. ...will post some of the attached on our website (vp8alumni.org).    While at JAX today, I also checked out a couple more hotels that responded to our Reunion RFP. Room rates from the best four contenders currently vary...but differ on location and services. Will have my recommendation with pros & cons[to VP8 Alumni Officers by July 4th. "

REUNION, 2011--Dates are locked in now for Thursday, Oct 20-through Monday Oct 24 (breakfast) with an optional day, Oct. 25th added.   For tentative schedule please check our web-site and click on Reunion Info. Dates and shortened schedule are to be sure we can meet the squadron and get better hotel rates over a weekend.   Itinerary itself may be modified.

Congratulations CDR Villa and CDR Liedman.
* Click here to view the photos taken at the VP8 Change of Command on April 23, 2010.


New Alumni RostersAvaliable!

New Alumni Rosters Avaliable!


Complete up-dated 2009 roster is $8 if it is picked up and $13 if mailed

If you have a loose leaf roster with 2006 as the date, all you have to do is order the up-dated insert which is $4.50 mailed or $2 picked up.

Order by sending a check made out to VP8 Alumni Assn. to Don Rickel, 33 Bridge St., Topsham, ME 04086. When he receives the check, he will let your roster editor know, and it will be mailed out as soon as possible


The new roster is loose leaf, so as you get changes from each newsletter. I suggest that you put a piece of notebook paper in the roster section and keep up with the changes as they come out--until a new roster is published.

The new roster is very different as it is divided into Sections.

SECTION ONE contains TAPS, the origin of the association, a list of reunions, the actual roster with an index, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a map showing how many people we have listed from each state.

SECTION TWO contains the history of VP-8 along with lists of Commanding Officers.

SECTION THREE contains other interesting and important documents.



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