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May/June 2009 - #132

May/June 2009 Alumni Newsletter


News from Tiger Tales--CDR. Wiese "We are busy planning our homecomings, both individual homecomings in Brunswick and the squadron homecoming in Jacksonville. The last airplane headed home will arrive in Brunswick on Tuesday, 9 June for an overnight and will continue home to Jacksonville arriving at approximately 1:00 PM on Wednesday, 10 June " AND check out "Navy Times," April 17, page 15 for story about VP8 and pirates. Will print story next time. (Meanwhile click here for 2 added picture links from this story.)

REUNION NEWS. Here are the inclusive dates for the reunion-- Wed.,10/28 through Sat.,11/2 Wednesday 10/28: Welcome aboard in Hospitality Suite Thursday morning 10/29: Bus tour of Phoenix; lunch in Mesa Afternoon: Commemorative Air Force Museum Tour Friday morning 10/30: Business Meeting and Auction. Afternoon: Steamboat Dolly Dinner cruise--Arizona's other Grand Canyon. Saturday all day 10/31: Tour of Sedona, Jerome, Prescott. A long day and long trip. Be prepared. Sunday morning 11/1: rest time and time for church for any who want to go. Afternoon: free for shopping, etc. Evening: Banquet-semi formal--coat & tie for men (pants, too!) Santo says bolo tie and boots okay!! Monday 11/2: Farewell breakfast IMPORTANT: There are only 5 rooms reserved at the hotel so far. Check out the registration on page 6--very inexpensive, but I am sure the bus fees are based on 50, so PLEASE email Santo or call and let him know that you plan to attend. We really need to have at least 50 persons for the tours if the bus fees and "cheap" registration are to hold. santoadams@hotmail.com 480-730-1487. Again here is your personalized web page address to register at the hotel. I registered this way and it is very easy--follow the prompts .:http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/PHXTPES-PS8-20091026/index.jhtml or phone 1-480-897-7444 Cut off date on hotel registration is Sept. 28.. Check in Oct 28--Check out Nov 2.

Another thing that I want to remind you of--dues. Each year we send out a dues notice called a "Valentine" (Beth's idea a number of years ago) which is usually a different color than the newsletter--you can't miss it! Dues are to be paid in January of each year, even if you joined in May or June. Generally if someone joins around October, we give him the next year since there is only one more newsletter to come out. When you pay dues, you receive a membership card which tells you the years you paid for. If you pay for more than one year, it is indicated. So please, next year, send in your dues ($15) ASAP so we all don't get a headache trying to keep up with who has/hasn't paid. Remember, our brains have only so much space, too--and we're old! Also, we hate to lose members. And please, if you change addresses or email during the year, let me know right away so I can alert others via the newsletter.

Master Chief Dave Anderson sent the "unclassified" congratulations "CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS BZ CAPTAIN PHILLIPS RESCUE" to me via email. --this is an excerpt from it: "P-3 AIRCRAFT FROM CTF 57 RESPONDED FIRST AND PUT EYES ON TARGET PROVIDING CRITICAL INTELLIGENCE DURING THE INITIAL HOURS OF THE CRISIS." Way to go, VP8 & U.S.. Navy
Uh, oh--I forgot something important and I'm surprised Beth hasn't chewed me out for this--I was supposed to remind all of you guys to get your "finger wave," PSA test, and other tests to detect early cancer. Can't be too careful fellas.


* ALUMNI WEB SITE Our photographer and DVD maker is now our website guru!
Message from Ralph Papa: "Check out our website at www.vp8alumni.org The site includes numerous photographs and slideshows of vintage VP8 crews and aircraft and pictures from our reunions. There's even a Guestbook where you can post a message to provide your input and comments.

o Reunion 2008 DVD..... (To order, send check for $22 to Ralph Papa at 8393 Grand Messina Circle, Boynton Beach, FL 33472; Gauranteed satisfaction or your money back)





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