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Mar/Apr. 2015 - #174

Mar/Apr 2015 / Alumni Newsletter
Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

*Before I write anything else, I want to thank those of you who were concerned enough to call or email us after the tornado hit Columbia on Dec. 23. We appreciate that so many care about us. That is what is great about this association, people caring about their fellow members. We did not have any damage where we live because it is about 8 miles from the area where the tornado hit, but our niece had quite a bit of damage; many of our church members suffered roof, structural, or tree damage; the beautiful trees in the cemetery were toppled as were some headstones; and many businesses were hurt or destroyed. Things are progressing now and the people in the subdivision that were hardest hit are getting repairs done. Even tho it did not affect us directly, it was definitely a traumatic experience, especially when it looked as if the storm were heading straight for us.

$$$$In addition, to all of you who got dues in quickly, thank you, and even more special kudos to those who sent in extra money for operating expenses. However, I notice that there are many of you out there who do not look at your membership cards to see if you are paid up; so, if you get a membership card for 2015, 16, 17, and 18 or any combinations of those two, it is not I who have made the mistake.(I have made a few!)

REUNION: At this point I have no real news about the reunion to pass on to you. Celine Guite' is doing some leg work on the reunion and has contacted, face to face, Treasure Island Hotel/Casino, one of the better hotels and casinos in Vegas. Right now she waiting for them to call her back with some prices on the rooms. Since the reunion will pprobably near the end of April, 2016, an entire year away, the hotel has not confirmed prices yet for next year, or so they say. We have not had this problem previously because we have been dealing with much smaller venues, but Vegas is so popular that they are in no big hurry to set or let out prices. However, the rooms will probably be very reasonable since hotels/casinos make their money off of gambling, not their rooms. Celine and I discussed some ideas, one of them being to maybe have just one group event and then let people opt for what they want to do individually or in smaller groups. There are many, many things to do in Vegas in addition to gambling. See page 9 for a brief, but detailed, list of things in walking distance of Treasure Island. So think about going, some ideas on what you might like to do, and email her: celmar26@gmail.com. She especially wants to know if you are really interested in attending. I am sure that I will have more news for the next letter and MAYBE registration



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