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Mar-Apr. 2011 - #143

Mar-Apr. 2011 / Alumni Newsletter #143

Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

Reunion Registration -- In this newsletter you will find registration for the reunion.   We are giving you plenty of time to register, but remember that the last date to sign up is Oct 1, 2011.     When you look at the registration, you will find that there are two tour packages.   Tour package #1 is for the extended reunion from Thrusday, Oct. 20, through Tuesday, Oct. 25th.   Tour package # 2 is for a shorter time from Thursday, Oct 20, through Monday, Oct. 24th.   Neither tour includes the Sunday night banquet--this is extra.   We do this so that any of you who don't want to go on the trips can come to the banquet and to the business meeting(members only) and auction. (Please be sure to bring something for the auction.) However, you must register in advance for the banquet--you can't just show up.   Now, if you have any questions, please call me at the number listed above, and I will help you out with any details you are not sure of.   Note that this reunion includes a lot of free time for visiting with friends;   we do have a hospitality room that will be available every day. Also, see some info on museums on page 9.   Ralph will have a detailed agenda available at the Welcome Aboard with times for each activity.   Note breakfast times which wouldn't fit on registration. M-F, 6:30-11, S-S, 6:30-12, and breakfast is complimentary through Sun. only.

*Hotel information     Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront   1201 Riverfront Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207   For reservations call: 904-398-8800 x 4027 (Special Group Room Rates for VP8 Alumni & Guests) a. $89+tax for Std. Sunset View Room   b. $99+tax   for Riverview   c. $139+tax River View Jr. Suites    A   block of rooms has been reserved at the above rates and can be available up to 3 days before and or after the reunion. website: www.cpjacksonville.com   Cut off date for   the hotel is Sept. 26, 2011.   I will include directions to the hotel next time, or you can check the website.

*DUES: You will find the names of those who still owe dues on page 5.   If you do not pay by the end of April, this will be your last newsletter, so be sure to check the list and send in dues if your name is on the list.   WIDOWS--remember you must send back your valentine or contact us in some way if you want the newsletter.

*Are you ready for spring?   I was talking to Larry Smith mid-January, and he was definitely tired of snow.   I know that some of you who moved south to get away   from the cold northern winters are tired of the cold weather, too, and might be ready to move to southern FL.   In southern MS, we have had a pretty cold winter.   No snow   as I write this, but ice on trees which causes limbs to break.   Pond froze over a few times, and the remaining big bass froze.   We have no luck with fish these days.   Unfortunately, we don't have any wood for our fireplace; I haven't enjoyed a night by the fire yet. Seems like I remember some guru predicting a wamer than usual winter for the south!! (2/25--Warm now.   We missed storms)

* Florida picnic--Saturday, March 19, at Juniper Springs Recreation Area, FL Rt. 40.   Come early.   Bring food


New Alumni RostersAvaliable!

New Alumni Rosters Avaliable!


Complete up-dated 2009 roster is $8 if it is picked up and $13 if mailed

If you have a loose leaf roster with 2006 as the date, all you have to do is order the up-dated insert which is $4.50 mailed or $2 picked up.

Order by sending a check made out to VP8 Alumni Assn. to Don Rickel, 33 Bridge St., Topsham, ME 04086. When he receives the check, he will let your roster editor know, and it will be mailed out as soon as possible


The new roster is loose leaf, so as you get changes from each newsletter. I suggest that you put a piece of notebook paper in the roster section and keep up with the changes as they come out--until a new roster is published.

The new roster is very different as it is divided into Sections.

SECTION ONE contains TAPS, the origin of the association, a list of reunions, the actual roster with an index, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a map showing how many people we have listed from each state.

SECTION TWO contains the history of VP-8 along with lists of Commanding Officers.

SECTION THREE contains other interesting and important documents.


Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143

Mar-Apr. 2011 Newsletter 143


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