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Nov-Dec. 2012 - #155

Nov-Dec 2012 / Alumni Newsletter
Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

IT'S TIME TO GET EXCITED ABOUT OUR 2013 REUNION, so here are the hotel particulars:
Crowne Plaza, 33 East Fifth St., Dayton, OH 45402 937-224-0800 www.crowneplaza.com/day-crowne
VP8 Alumni Association Reunion, June 3-7, 2013. Rates : Standard or King $99 plus 13% tax (always!)
The rates apply three days pre and/or three days post convention with advanced reservation notice, subject to availability.Rates include the hot breakfast bufffet and complimentary valet parking. You may make reservations beginning now by calling the reservation department at 937-229-9835.(Made ours already) Identify yourself and request the group rate for VP-8 Alumni Association Reunion. All reservations must be guaranteed for arrival by deposit in advance or confirmed with a credit card. CUT OFF DATE for HOTEL: 12:01 a.m. May 13, 2013. Registration for the reunion is on page 7 of this newsletter and will be in the Jan/Feb. and Mar/April letters. YOU MUST HAVE MONEY IN FOR REGISTRATION BY MAY 1 AS BILL HAS TO PAY FOR BOX LUNCHES 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE.

*Now for the sad news. Larry Smith , our president and reunion coordinator, passed away on September 3, 2012, after a courageous battle with inoperable lung cancer. Larry was diagnosed not too long after the October, 2011, reunion. He did not know when he took on the reunion that he was sick, but after he found out, he worked as hard as he could to make the arrangements and get everything in order. He was in touch with your officers to make sure we knew that he had everything in hand, although he did not tell everyone about his illness. (Bill Stewart and I knew, but since Larry did not want to broadcast it, we kept it to ourselves.) As you can see by the registration and details of the reunion, he did a wonderful job. Even at the last, he wanted to go back up to Dayton and check things out again. SO, I want to encourage you to attend this reunion and not let the work Larry did even when sick and in pain go for naught. Bill has paid all the necessary deposits (EXCEPT BOX LUNCHES), and he and I are in touch with each other, along with Jerry Ziegler, who has picked up the banner and bell from Marian, and who has agreed to be a point man to go to Dayton if needed. Jerry has also talked with his daughters who live in the area who can go up there while he is in FL this winter; he was able to attend the visitation for Larry, thus representing our association. Also let Marian know that you are with her in her grief; she has been through a lot this past year and needs the love and support of all VP8 Alumni members, as do all of those in our group who have lost loved ones and who are ill.

Following is additional info from previouse newsletter:

Stars Rooftop Restaurant at the hotel   serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.   The hotel tells   me they will have a new menu out before we go.   There are also   a number of other restaurants in the area--fast food and sit down.

Crowne Plaza at Dayton Ohio

When I last talked with Larry, he asked me to encourage each of you to go ahead and reserve your room at the hotel, even at this early date, so we can have an early head count of attendees. This also helps me be able to get the name badges made up early.   The hotel has assured us that reservations can be canceled up to the last minute.   I have decided to go ahead and include the registration form on page 7 in this newsletter--please note that price for the reunion itself is only $112.75.   Note that on the registration form you must make a choice of sandwiches for a box lunch on thursday.Very reasonable, so I encourage   to attend, especially those of you in NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, and other states close by.

New Alumni RostersAvaliable!

New Alumni Rosters Avaliable!


Complete up-dated 2009 roster is $8 if it is picked up and $13 if mailed

If you have a loose leaf roster with 2006 as the date, all you have to do is order the up-dated insert which is $4.50 mailed or $2 picked up.

Order by sending a check made out to VP8 Alumni Assn. to Don Rickel, 33 Bridge St., Topsham, ME 04086. When he receives the check, he will let your roster editor know, and it will be mailed out as soon as possible


The new roster is loose leaf, so as you get changes from each newsletter. I suggest that you put a piece of notebook paper in the roster section and keep up with the changes as they come out--until a new roster is published.

The new roster is very different as it is divided into Sections.

SECTION ONE contains TAPS, the origin of the association, a list of reunions, the actual roster with an index, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a map showing how many people we have listed from each state.

SECTION TWO contains the history of VP-8 along with lists of Commanding Officers.

SECTION THREE contains other interesting and important documents.

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