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Jul-Aug. 2011 - #147

Nov.-Dec. 2011 / Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

Jacksonville Reunion 2011, 25th Anniversary       Again, what can I say!!!   After a few minor last minute glitches, the reunion went off without a hitch thanks to Ralph Papa and the help we received from Arabia Harris, our coordinator at the hotel, who was amazing as was our   tour arranger, John Aguilera.   Could not have asked for any better people to work with.   Welcome Aboard turned out well with lots of new people showing up.   When I got to the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised because the view from our hospitality room, which we had for the duration and used to the fullest, was almost identical to the photo I had put on the badges.   

*First tour was to NAS JAX to visit the squadron.   Fantastic welcome from CDR Chris Flaherty, Squadron CO; Master Chief Frank King; CDR Michael Marston, XO; and LCDR Steve Weeks, who gave the presentation.   All of the sailors in the squadron whom we met were more than happy to answer questions and chat.   Terry Madsen drove down from Missouri just to get in a P3, and he was able to fulfill that wish, as were others who had not seen one of the planes.   Afterwards at the dinner, CO Flaherty, Chief King, and a few others were able to sit with us and interact with our group.   Great day, and we thank them so much.  

lAfternoon tour of Jacksonville was very interesting and included the Jaguar's stadium (they played on Monday night football and won!), the city itself, and the Jacksonville Veteran's Memorial, which was quite impressive indeed. (Picture   page 10.)  

Business meeting on Saturday brought about one change--Bill Stewart volunteered to accept the position as treasurer since Don was unable to continue; Bill had been treasurer previously and was also backup to Don.   AND    next reunion is to be in the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area.   Larry Smith is in charge, and Jerry Ziegler, newcomer to the reunion, agreed to help as much as possible--would you believe that they live only a few miles apart and didn't know it!!     Heads up you people who live within a day's drive; we expect to see you there.   As usual, Tony Anzevino did a great job as our auctioneer ; Ed Rundlett won the 50/50 drawing worth about $100.

Our Dinner Banquet quite was good; DJs great with all the oldies.   Lots of dancing.

St. Augustine was enjoyable; the highlight of that trip was seeing Harry & Shirley Gaspar stand in the small chapel where they were married 37 years ago.  

On Monday night, CDR Flaherty and Master Chief King visited; Larry presented them with the P2V5F, handcrafted by Bill Stewart,   that he had bought at the auction in Baltimore, to be put in a special place for VP8 at the base (hope to have pictures next newsletter).   Later, LT Miller, his wife, and another sailor who was soon to be transferred out of the squadron, visited the group.  

A surprise visit from 5 VP8 sailors(picture page 10) was one of the highlights of the St. John's River cruise aboard the Annabelle Lee paddlewheeler where we enjoyed a light lunch.   {See what you missed by not being there and going to all the functions.     Those present who were at the 1986 reunion:   Harry Gaspar, Ned Knepper, John Pyatak, Jerry Hendershot, Al Shiller, and Beth Perry (for Ken)--don't know if other wives attended.   First time for a reunion:Terry Madsen, Charles (C.B.) Miller, Ken & Marie Leath, Wayne "Whitey" Meier, Bob & Ellen Anderson (most fun he's had in a long time),   Ray & Joan Linam, Jerry & Barb Ziegler, Brian & Vicki Neal, Dick & Bernadette Zeisel with son Richard Zeisel and his wife and her parents Manny & Jackie Castro, Lt Scott Miller & wife Vicki, Gene Assencao-Sanchez and niece Isa, Rodney & Lola Chapman, Cy Huffman's daughter Lisa Moore.   LET'S ALL TURN OUT FOR 2013!!


New Alumni RostersAvaliable!

New Alumni Rosters Avaliable!


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