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Nov-Dec 2010 - #140

Nov-Dec 2010 / Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

What is a vacation for--resting up from your daily routine?   That's bunk.   You might get away, but you need a vacation when you get back, and all I have been doing since I got back is working!   Anyway, we had a great time on our trip up north. On the way up, we met Barb & Clyde Williamson who were on their way back to SC from RI--a McDonald's in PA was a good meeting place. On Fri. we stopped in CT to see a distant cousin.   Then it was on to RI to my   brother's   in Cranston.   On Sat. we went down around Wickford looking for a way to our grandfather's old camp at Rome Point, but the site has been taken over by the state and made into a nature preserve; the only way to get there was about a mile walk, so we gave up on that.   Next it was touring all the back roads around Hamilton and Wickford looking for a view of the Point; we may have seen it, not sure.   On Sunday we rode 2 hrs. to Kittery just for FISH CHOWDER, and shoppping; Monday we visited Bill Michaud and Jackie in Wareham; Tuesday was shopping at K-Mart (we don't have one here) in back of what was once the Narragansett Brewery site and a few blocks from where I used to live..   Wednesday Frank & I met the bunch--French Poirier, Theresa Brundge, Jerry & Terry Doyle, Louise Blaquiere, Jerry Hendershot, J.J. Stowe, Dave Razon, Louis Richards & his lovely friend Sue Metzger, Bill Michaud & his sweet friend Jackie LeTourneau--for a fun luncheon at the Cowesett Inn in Coventry.(Pictures page 5.)   Lots of laughs and good times seeing the gang. On Thursday we had lunch with cousins I had not seen in 50 yrs; Saturday we toured Newport and saw some of the mansions that I had never seen in my 19 years in RI; Sunday was Building 19.   What?   It's a salvage store and a fun place.   In between all of this we ate and ate and ate...I really can't believe that we never went to our favorite haunt in Roger Williams Park--too old for that, I guess.   Monday we visited with Pat & Jim Zoldy and toured Old Mystic Village(shopping) in CT; Tues. we drove to Baltimore where we spent 4 days with the Stewarts, mostly relaxing but with shopping, a car show, and playing Scrabble with Sheila thrown in..   The drive home was tiring--it rained most of the way.   So now you know.   Boring?   But sure a lot crammed into 3 weeks or less.   Guess who was the happiest we made it home--our cat.                                           *We might be able to make a trip to Myrtle Beach in March, but the next big trip is the reunion in Jacksonville.   Some details are on the web-site www.vp8alumni.org; I probably won't be putting much else in the newsletter until March.   Perhaps then we will begin registration. ...Parent magazine says Jacksonville is #1 in the entire country as a recreational city. Has the most land area in the country as parks.    There are quite a few museums, too, and I will be checking out details on the internet so that you can read about   one you might like to visit.

REUNION, 2011--Dates are locked in now for Thursday, Oct 20-through Monday Oct 24 (breakfast) with an optional day, Oct. 25th added.   For tentative schedule please check our web-site and click on Reunion Info. Dates and shortened schedule are to be sure we can meet the squadron and get better hotel rates over a weekend.   Itinerary itself may be modified.

Congratulations CDR Villa and CDR Liedman.
* Click here to view the photos taken at the VP8 Change of Command back on April 23, 2010.


New Alumni RostersAvaliable!

New Alumni Rosters Avaliable!


Complete up-dated 2009 roster is $8 if it is picked up and $13 if mailed

If you have a loose leaf roster with 2006 as the date, all you have to do is order the up-dated insert which is $4.50 mailed or $2 picked up.

Order by sending a check made out to VP8 Alumni Assn. to Don Rickel, 33 Bridge St., Topsham, ME 04086. When he receives the check, he will let your roster editor know, and it will be mailed out as soon as possible


The new roster is loose leaf, so as you get changes from each newsletter. I suggest that you put a piece of notebook paper in the roster section and keep up with the changes as they come out--until a new roster is published.

The new roster is very different as it is divided into Sections.

SECTION ONE contains TAPS, the origin of the association, a list of reunions, the actual roster with an index, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a map showing how many people we have listed from each state.

SECTION TWO contains the history of VP-8 along with lists of Commanding Officers.

SECTION THREE contains other interesting and important documents.



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