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September/October 2009 - #134

November - December 2009 Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights!

Not as many people as we had hoped showed up at the reunion, but we had a grand old time anyway. As usual, the girls all squealed and hugged when anyone arrived, and the guys gave handshakes and pats on the back (Why don't they squeal?). Some of us came in on the 27th, so we had a little extra time to hang out--in the lobby of course. Hotel staff wonderful. *Great Welcome Aboard with tasty and plentiful food, prepared in an appealing way by the chef who bragged about it.

*Thursday, tour of Phoenix with Santo doing the narration. If you've never been, the city and its environs go on forever, and the bus ride was a portent of things to come. Good lunch at a family restaurant and then the Air Museum which was very interesting with a very knowledgeable and congenial guide.

*Friday, business meeting. Officers reelected with additions of Richard "Archie" Moore taking the ships stores, and Bill Stewart offering to be back-up treasurer. Ralph showed us the web site (www.vp8alumni.org) and demonstrated how to navigate. He has done a bang-up job on that. Try it. Auction went well ($435.)--the highlight a number of Joe Volrich's bolo ties that Merle graciously donated. Lionel Belanger had made stepping stones which he mailed to me from Maine, and they went well to those who could carry them home. Marcel donated a hand-crafted wooden knife block. Ed Helzel won the 50/50 drawing($102), much as he had predicted. That night a bus to Canyon Lake up hairpin curves--enough to pin ones hair up as well as stand it on end-- that had a number of gals on edge, as well as some cars that came around curves to be greeted by this "monster." Ride on Steamboat Dolly very picturesque with steep cliffs, a beautiful sunset and moon rise, and scrumptious food. J.J. didn't see the critters she was hoping for, just silvery bats skimming the water's surface for insects.

*Saturday we boarded the bus at 8 a.m. for the ride to Prescott and Whiskey Row--not too much time there--then on to the Casino for lunch--50s style lunch counter and to-die-for food and milk shakes. Uh, oh--Dave almost got left again--shades of Montreal! Then on to Sedona--what breath taking views of the red rocks. Santo had gotten a tour guide who was very entertaining and informative; we were all tired on the 2 hr. ride back, so we opted for nice movie. Long day, but the scenery was worth it. I think we all had "bus butts" however.

Sunday we rested--then the banquet. Too much food again. Absolutely great duo that entertained us with 50s and 60s music-- the dancing was the "mostest." After J.J. decided she could dance with Carolyn (huh?), she was the guys' favorite. Sandy and Barb really cut a rug, as did Dick and Bunny Adams. And would you know, Carolyn finally got Frank on the dance floor so they could trip over each other's feet. Never mind--great night.

*Monday we all said farewell with more hugs and kisses, and see you in the spring of 2011--Where? JACKSONVILLE. Make plans now!!!! FANTASTIC JOB, SANTO!! .Attending: Dick & Bunny Adams, Santo & Barbara Adams, Tony & Pat Anzevino, Hank & Iantha Broderson, Bill & Carol Caefer, Corky & Cynthia Guenter (see pictures), Marcel & Celine Guite', Charles & Nilda Hall, Ed Helzel, Dan Jarmuzek, Ned & Marie Knepper and her sister Clara, Bob Ludwig and daughter Michele, Frank & Carolyn Magee, Richard & Sandy Moore, Ralph Papa, Beth & Ken Perry, Dave Razon, Donald & Gerlinde Rickel, Dick Scotti, Larry & Marian Smith, Bill & Sheila Stewart, J.J. Stowe, Merle Volrich--daughter Shelly.
PLEASE NOTE: If you bought a new roster, add Joe Volrich's name to TAPS and pencil in Richard "Archie" Moore for ships stores.





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