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Jan.-Feb. 2011 - #142

Jan.-Feb. 2011 / Alumni Newsletter #142

Newsletter Highlights by Carolyn Magee:

It's time--Could be time for anything, huh, but...DUES, DUES, DUES.   Don't you hate that word!   No, I know that you don't, because so many of you are so faithful in sending in your dues just as soon as you get the notice.   *The attached half sheet--BLUE   paper--   is your dues notice.   Please check your membership card to see if you owe money for this year.   Many of you pay for more than one year and then send in money the next year.   It is hard for us to keep up with that, and that is why I send you a membership card.   However, if you already have paid for this year and want to send us a donation, we will accept that, but be sure and note that it is a donation.   WIDOWS--you do not have to pay, but if you want to continue receiving the newsletter, please be sure and send back the notice.   Otherwise, your name will be taken off the mailing list.. Now, just what do you get for your dues?   First off, you get 6 newsletters per year; you help support the wonderful website that Ralph Papa has set up--www.vp8alumni.org.   Your dues are also used for many of the extras that you receive when you attend the reunion--such as drinks, that we all know you look forward to, and often a band or disc jockey to make the banquet a lot more fun.   Remember, your officers are all volunteer--we don't get paid.    All the money for dues goes back to YOU.   By the way, if you have any ideas on improving our newsletter, please let your editor know, and please send pictures, jokes, and letters.    

Now for the Reunion:   Below are details for registering at the Hotel.   You may begin registering anytime. Hotel: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront   1201 Riverfront Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207   For reservations call: 904-398-8800 x 4027 (Special Group Room Rates for VP8 Alumni & Guests) a. $89+tax for Std. Sunset View Room   b. $99+tax for Riverview   c. $139+tax River View Jr, Suites    A   block of rooms has been reserved at the above rates and can be available up to 3 days before and or after the reunion. website: www.cpjacksonville.com      *Check page 4 for your reunion details.   We will have a complete registration blank in the March/April newsletter which will give you plenty of time to decide and get your registration fees in--4 newsletters in fact. This should be a great reunion.   Preliminary payments have been made for our tours and banquet menus have been set.   Everything looks great to your editor; we are really looking forward to Oct. 2011 and seeing all of you.   Let's have a great turn out; some of you who have never been to a reunion should really consider this one, especially those of you who live in close proximity on the east coast.                                                         

* Heads up--Florida Picnic, Sat., March 19, 2011, at Juniper Springs. Recreation Area, FL. Rt.40*

Got this from DicK Scotti--"on this site, www.honorflight.org, WW 2 veterans can fill out an application for a free flight to Washington D.C. at no cost. Our WW2 vets need to review this site."   Check it out.


REUNION, 2011--Dates are locked in now for Thursday, Oct 20-through Monday Oct 24 (breakfast) with an optional day, Oct. 25th added.   For tentative schedule please check our web-site and click on Reunion Info. Dates and shortened schedule are to be sure we can meet the squadron and get better hotel rates over a weekend.   Itinerary itself may be modified.

Congratulations CDR Villa and CDR Liedman.
* Click here to view the photos taken at the VP8 Change of Command back on April 23, 2010.


New Alumni RostersAvaliable!

New Alumni Rosters Avaliable!


Complete up-dated 2009 roster is $8 if it is picked up and $13 if mailed

If you have a loose leaf roster with 2006 as the date, all you have to do is order the up-dated insert which is $4.50 mailed or $2 picked up.

Order by sending a check made out to VP8 Alumni Assn. to Don Rickel, 33 Bridge St., Topsham, ME 04086. When he receives the check, he will let your roster editor know, and it will be mailed out as soon as possible


The new roster is loose leaf, so as you get changes from each newsletter. I suggest that you put a piece of notebook paper in the roster section and keep up with the changes as they come out--until a new roster is published.

The new roster is very different as it is divided into Sections.

SECTION ONE contains TAPS, the origin of the association, a list of reunions, the actual roster with an index, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a map showing how many people we have listed from each state.

SECTION TWO contains the history of VP-8 along with lists of Commanding Officers.

SECTION THREE contains other interesting and important documents.


Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter 141

Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter 142

Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter 142

Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter 142

Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter 142

Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter 142

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