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Jan/Feb 2010 - #135

Bulletin: /Change of Command for VP8 at NAS JAX on April 23, 2010

This input came from VP8 CDR Sean Liedman

Please feel free to include an announcement of our first Jacksonville change of command in the alumni newsletter - former Tigers are always welcome. It will be held at 10:00 AM on Friday, 23 April at Hangar 511 at NAS Jax.

January-February 2010 / Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights!

DUES: A new year has rolled around and so has a call for dues. Darn, it seems that I just sent this out a month or so ago; but, no, it is that time again. You will notice that your dues "Valentine" (on brightly colored paper) has been stapled to the newsletter--that's so you don't lose it. Also, you will notice that the money should be sent directly to the treasurer. Seems like there are too many hands handling checks, and they have to go back in the mail, which costs another stamp; we are trying to streamline the procedure. The treasurer will inform me and the secretary when he receives your check, and we will each enter it in our data base. Please be sure you check your membership card to see if you owe for 2010, and disregard the notice if you are already paid up. WIDOWS: you must send the "Valentine" back if you want to continue receiving the newsletter, but dues are optional for you.

FLORIDA PICNIC: The spring Florida picnic is scheduled for Saturday, March 20, at Juniper Springs National Recreation Area on Florida Rte. 40, east of Ocala and west of Rte. 19. We hope that all of you in the area will attend, especially those of you who are active duty stationed at NAS JAX. Bring a dish, with some food in it of course. Always fun, and you guys can probably ogle the young girls in bikinis if the weather is nice. If we come down, I will bring some rosters, so if you are in the market for one, just wait and get it there and save the postage. We plan to be there if nothing happens between now and then.

ROSTERS: If you already have a loose-leaf roster dated 2006, you will only need to order the insert (up-dates--new addresses, etc., along with some new pages). If you do not have the loose-leaf roster, you should order the entire book. It contains the up-dated addresses, etc., along with some new pages. INSERT mailed $4.50. picked up $2. ENTIRE ROSTER mailed $13, picked up $8. Postage and mailers have gone up in price. Please make your check out to VP8 Alumni Association, and send to Don Rickel, 33 Bridge St., Topsham, ME 04086. Don will notify me, and I will get your roster in the mail ASAP.
REUNION As of right now there is some problem with scheduling the next reunion (2011) as we found out that the squadron will be deployed in the spring of 2011. Ralph has the information, and as soon as a decision is made on the dates, we will let you know.

NOTE OF PERSONAL THANKS: As another year starts, we want to say thanks to all of you who sent Christmas greetings by card of email this holiday season. It is definitely a privilege for us to be your newsletter editors. Keep on sending emails, and be sure and send in new or old pictures for the newsletter and for the archives and web site that Ralph is so diligently working on. Check out the web site www.vp8alumni.org for news and many, many pictures.






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