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Jan./Feb. 2009 - #130

Jan/Feb, 2009 Alumni Newsletter

Newsletter Highlights!

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN--See that brightly colored piece of paper attached to your newsletter--yes, it's dues time.If you didn't get a notice, it means that you just joined and are paid up for 2009--a few of you fit this category. Please check the membership card that I sent you when you paid dues in 2008 to be sure you do owe before paying. It is a hard for us to check and put a notice in for just those who owe. Be sure to send back the notice(your Valentine because we love you) with your dues, and widows, you must return the notice in order to get a newsletter whether you choose to pay or not. Let's do this early so that Beth (the old gal!) and Don and I can get it out of the way in a hurry. If you have not paid by the May newsletter, you will be dropped. (That sounds so harsh, but it is a necessity.)

Reunion News. Santo Adams has been working since June to find the best deal on a hotel for our reunion. He checked out quite a few and came up with Embassy Suites in Tempe. They offered the best rates, free shuttle, good rooms, nice restaurant, good area of town, and close to shopping. We knew that the room rate would be high compared to other places we have stayed, but this is because of the area and the time of year. Rates are $124 per night plus tax. We agreed to begin the reunion on Wednesday, Oct 28 thru Sunday, Nov. 1 in order to get the lower rate. Cooked to order breakfast is included. Farewell breakfast will be on Monday, Nov. 2.

Your web page address:

Group Name: Patrol Squadron 8 Alumni Association Group Code:PS8 Check-in: 28-OCT-2009 Check-out 02-NOV-2009 Embassy Suites Phoenix - Tempe 4400 South Rural Road Tempe, Arizona 85282 480-467-2905.

You can register by typing in the above address or clicking on it on the VP8 Alumni web page. Or you can call the number listed and register that way using the Group Code. (You can check in early if you use the code given.) The rooms are all suites and look great. When you get the page, go to the bottom where it explains the hotel features and click on more; choose "take a tour of the hotel" for pictures. Also shows directions which I will print later.

Let's have a great turn out(CA & AZ guys, now's your chance) as a number of other things depend on rooms reserved. Register until Sept. 28, 2009. Santo is still working on tours, etc. We hope to have some details in March newsletter, and registration for reunion itself beginning in May newsletter. Stay tuned.


* ALUMNI WEB SITE Our photographer and DVD maker is now our website guru!
From Ralph Papa: "Check out our website at www.vp8alumni.org ...., Includes numerous photographs and slideshows of vintage VP8 crews and aircraft and pictures from our reunions.

o Reunion 2008 DVD..... (To order, send check for $22 to Ralph Papa at 8393 Grand Messina Circle, Boynton Beach, FL 33472; Gauranteed satisfaction or your money back)





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